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Jeedom Smart Box

Jeedom Smart Box is our best seller. It is for anybody who wants a powerful and reliable automation box at an affordable price. Due to its small size and its clean design in brushed metal it will find its place anywhere.

Jeedom Smart box is natively compatible Zwave+ or Enocean. It has a high gain antenna which will have an excellent range, so that you will be abble to optimize your home automation network.Nothing will prevent to add other protocols such as RFXCOM or Edisio thanks to its four external USBs.

The Jeedom Smart Box is accessible at one of the lowest price on the market, that is 235 € ! Nevertheless, it is not a low-end automation box, indeed it is equipped with a 1,5 Ghz quad core processor very powerful. An Emmc hard disk makes it more reliable to ensure continuity of service.

The Jeedom Software is optimized to work with this box, it is preinstalled and configured , making it a plug & play box.Supplied with a Service Pack Power, you will have free access to the Jeedom Mobile Application IOS/Android, as well as several plugins of our Market (see service pack).

  • Processeur Quad Core à 1.5 GHz 64bits
  • 2 Go de RAM DDR3
  • 4 USB externes
  • Disque dur Emmc 8 Go
  • Zwave+ OU EnOcean avec antenne longue portée
  • Service Pack Power

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Jeedom Pro Box

The Jeedom Pro+ Box is the top of the range Jeedom box : compatible with most protocols (Z-Wave, RFXcom, EnOcean, Edisio, etc.), adjustable and personalizable. Thanks to its format, it can be integrated on the switchboard. Its reliability allows the professional to install it in all situations.

  • 1,5 GHz 64bits Quad Core Processor
  • 2 Go of DDR3 RAM
  • 4 external USBs
  • 16 GB Emmc hard drive
  • RTC Clock (if Zwave+ option)
  • Wifi 802.1 b/g/n + Bluetooth V 4.0 with USB dongle
  • Zwave+ OR EnOcean
  • Rail-Din Format Case
  • Pro Service Pack

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