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Open Source

The Jeedom software is open source; you have complete access to the software that manages your home automation. This is a guarantee of transparency, but also longevity of the software and your system.


Jeedom is compatible with various protocols such as, ZigBee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, KNX, LoRaWAN, BACnet, Modbus, etc... The plugin system, through Jeedom Market, guarantees compatibility with numerous current and future protocols.


Jeedom doesn’t need access to external servers to work. The whole system is managed locally and you are therefore the only one to have access to it in order to guarantee complete confidentiality.


Thanks to its flexibility and numerous customization settings, each user can create his or her own Jeedom home automation. Using widgets, views, and designs, you’ll have complete freedom to imagine your own interface if you wish.

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Hub of connected objects

Jeedom allows you to connect all of your smart objects to each other.


  • Sonos

  • IKEA Tradfri

  • Philips HUE


  • And others

Jeedom is compatible with many home automation protocols, APIs, and connected objects; discover the extent of its possibilities !

Compatibility list

home automation gateway
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Jeedom Atlas
A concentration of technology to make your home smart

Jeedom Atlas Pro
Reserved for professionals, installers, and integrators, who have specific needs and expectations

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A dynamic team at your service

Jeedom SAS is made up of passionate home automation creators and collaborators.



Jeedom is member of :

Z-Wave Alliance and EnOcean Alliance.

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